Proficiency Testing

The International Stevia Council (ISC) has launched a Proficiency Testing Program (PTP) for the measurement of steviol glycoside content. The program aims to address the challenge of ensuring that analytical methods and standards employed throughout the industry are appropriate and also meet minimum levels of accuracy when measuring steviol glycoside content. The Proficiency Testing Program will therefore enable participants to benchmark performance of their methods, analytical standards, and analysts' competency in a statistically relevant, blind testing scheme managed in accordance with international quality standards. 

PTP Scheme 2013-2014

Dispatch Date               Reporting deadline       
Round 8      23 September 2013    18 October 2013
Round 924 March 201422 April 2014


Cost to participate at the PTP for the year 2013-2014*

Type of participant laboratories First year Second year  
Companies and governmental agencies   2,450 EUR  + carrier charges 2,450 EUR  + carrier charges 
University laboratories1,800 EUR  + carrier charges 1,800 EUR  + carrier charges 

* per year with 2 rounds of testing


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