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Join the ISC?

The International Stevia Council (ISC) is the authoritative voice of the stevia industry and aims to promote the use of stevia as a naturally-sourced ingredient so as to improve the diets and health of people globally by moderating calories in food.

Stevia is the fastest growing natural ingredient in mainstream food and beverage products globally. With its characteristics stevia is highly attractive to table top, food and beverage producers, stevia leaf growers and producers alike.

The ISC represents the stevia industry as a whole and further drives the value creation across all constituents of the stevia world. With ever more companies wishing to know more about stevia and how to work with it, the ISC is the trade association which addresses this fast growing market demand for knowledge.

ISC members benefit from access to industry data, trends and insights regarding global stevia demand and its supply chain as well as great opportunities to learn about best practice throughout the industry.

The International Stevia Council has the following membership categories:




Refiner members are those engaged in production of stevia with a purity level in accordance with JECFA specifications for steviol glycosides or equivalent approved specifications.

Ingredient Users

Ingredient Users:

Ingredient User members are companies that use high purity stevia as an ingredient. These include food and beverage manufacturers, table top producers, flavour houses and other users of stevia.

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Leaf Suppliers

Leaf Suppliers:

Leaf Supplier members grow or produce stevia leaves or are representatives of stevia producers, including national or regional stevia leaf producers trade associations.

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Associate members

Associate members:

Stevia Stakeholders:

Individuals, companies or organizations with an interest in the stevia value chain, including distributors of stevia extracts, NGOs, consumer and regulatory bodies, academia and universities.

Leaf Suppliers:

Individual stevia leaf growers may choose to be an Associate Member and receive information about the industry.

The benefit, the activities and the yearly dues depend on the membership categories a company chooses.

Please click on the membership categories and the type of member that best reflects your company´s activity and you will receive an explanation on the benefits of joining the ISC, the activities related to your membership and the yearly dues.

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