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Stevia Remains the Most Discussed Low/Zero-Calorie Sweetener

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December 18, 2019 (Brussels, Belgium) – The International Stevia Council (ISC) recently unveiled data from its 2019 Online Conversation & Trends Analysis to identify and better understand the attitudes and perceptions around the sweetener stevia in English- and Spanish-speaking countries. The results: the online social conversation doubled.

The association worked with Kellen, a professional services firm, to conduct the ISC Conversation & Trends Analysis, using their researchers and Crimson Hexagon, an AI-powered consumer insights company, to analyze data from 2017 to 2018.

“There has been a dramatic increase in the total amount of the online conversation talking about stevia. In fact, it has doubled in English- and in Spanish-speaking countries,” explains the International Stevia Council’s Executive Director, Maria Teresa Scardigli.

The Analysis revealed that when compared to other low and no-calorie sweeteners, stevia remains the most talked about low and zero-calorie sweetener. This was particularly notable when looking at the language specific data. In English-speaking countries, stevia mentions significantly increased, going from 101,697 to 258,669. In Spanish-speaking countries, the mentions also doubled rising from 38,965 to 77,535.

  • Positive/neutral sentiment in English-speaking countries centered around stevia remained at nearly 80 percent, with the positive sentiment increasing to nearly 40 percent, an increase of 5 percent.
  • Positive/neutral sentiment in Spanish-speaking countries around stevia remained at 82 percent, with the positive sentiment increasing to 34 percent, an increase of 11 percent.

Since the last Analysis in 2013-2015, topics of conversation have shifted in both English- and Spanish-speaking countries: less mentions in relation to recipes and taste and more in conjunction with weight loss assistance and diabetes/blood sugar management. Many popular diet and fitness apps prominently mention stevia in the English-speaking conversations, including MyFitnessPal, Diabetes Daily, and Obesity Help.

To view or download the full infographic and watch the motion graphic video, click here. For more information about the Analysis and for access to available data and charts, visit the International Stevia Council or email us at [email protected].

About the International Stevia Council

The International Stevia Council (ISC) is a global trade association representing the stevia industry, including stevia leaf growers and producers, stevia extract producers, steviol glycoside producers and users of stevia extracts in final consumer products. ISC activities aim at improving the diets and health of people globally by addressing sugars and calories in food.

The International Stevia Council is a 501 (c) (6) not-for-profit organization incorporated under the law of the state of Delaware in the United States. The ISC was created in July 2010 by eleven founding members.

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